A visit to Borneo 4WD will immediately tell you that this has got to be the best 4WD off road accessories shop in Borneo! However, they are not in the business of supping up your rig but rather this is a specialist in off road accessories and suspension shop. Borneo 4WD has many nice Aussie 4WD products such as the Bushranger products, the ever sought after ARB - diff locks, bull bars, canopies, Rancho and Old Man Emu shocks and steering dampers, wheel covers and more. They also carry Super Pro bushes, Safari snorkels, King Springs, Visy jerry cans, Piranha isolators, lights and Warn winches to name a few!

Mr. Lim, better known as Borneo Lim, started his first business, Borneo Stationery, as a stationary supplier in 1983. Over time, he has observed that most road conditions in Sabah are bad with extreme gradient. This meant that only 4WD vehicles can access these roads thus creating a demand for 4WD related parts and accessories. Due to this factor, the ratio of 4WD in Sabah compared to other states in Malaysia or other countries is much higher. An entrepreneur, Borneo Lim saw the potential which led him to establish Borneo 4WD in 1995, a specialist off road accessories and suspension shop. He said his decision to open up this shop was purely a business decision rather than a passion for 4WD.

In his establishment, he promotes and carries quality products and proven products that have undergone intensive research and development, backed by full product warranties. Starting from humble beginnings, Borneo 4WD now has more employees which include well trained technicians to provide technical advice to their customers. Borneo 4WD has equipped themselves with an extensive knowledge of their products to ensure and emphasize on the personal touch and dedicated customer service. Borneo 4WD distribute 4WD products in Borneo and run a full fledge fitting facility and a complete product showroom to showcase the products that they carry. Zee Ming, Borneo Lim’s son is the Operations Manager, has helped him in increasing products sales over the last few years. He is also very thankful to his loving wife, Mary Chok who has been handling the admin and finance without fail.

Having knowledge to an extensive range and brand of off road equipment and suspensions, He shares that each brand has their own specific characteristics even the springs and shocks. Borneo Lim and his team are experienced in providing the necessary advice for which component is suitable for different vehicles for added performance. Besides selling suspension equipment, they also carry suspension related components such as ball joints, linkage, bushes, etc.

Borneo Lim also commented that there is a continued growth in demand of 4WD products even during global economic downturn as consumers will either keep their existing vehicle or buy used units. Extreme off road or expedition based 4WD are usually older model vehicles and there is still a large preference for rigid front and rear axles based vehicles over modern IFS systems. This is the major market for Borneo 4WD.

Borneo 4WD is also a true partner of Borneo Safari event and has continuously worked with international product principals for sponsorships which has propelled Borneo Safari event to higher grounds year after year!